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Welcome to the site to all LINTHICUM researchers!


These web pages were created to give those conducting their family research, and those who are interested or bear the name LINTHICUM a place on the web to at least begin their research and learn more about their ancestors and the history and origin of the name. I hope this site will also act as a gathering point and a point of contact for those conducting research. As you browse these pages, I hope you are able to reflect back on those ancestors of ours what have gone before us. The sacrifices, the loves and loses of those individuals who’s genes we now carry. I hope some of these pages are useful in you research, and help to fill in your family tree. The information gathered for these pages are from and sources just like you. Many fellow Linthicum researchers who have been generous enough to correspond with me over the past 20 years or so and share their research, photographs and family stories with me over years.

I started researching my family line about 20 years ago, and saw a need to try and document as much LINTHICUM information as I could. I now have well over 5,000 Linthicum’s and associated families documented in my database.  Most of the information provided was not personally researched or verified by me, and to that end I make no guarantees as to the authenticity of the information. I can only provide the source of the information from whom I received it. If anyone has additional information, corrections or photographs that they would like to add or share with everyone, please email me at the address below and I will make the changes or additions in my data base. I always log the source of the information so that in the future I might be able to hook the researchers up so that they source of the information can be documented.

Michael P. Linthicum Sr.



We all started our genealogical research for various reasons. One thing in common that we all have is a quest to find out where we come from? To belong to something or someone much bigger than what is in our present world.  Through our genealogical research, we find that we are one big family, and that many of our trials and tribulations that we face in these times, are minor compared to what these ancestors or ours faced.  Families were large, but mortality rate among children was extremely high. Diseases that have almost now been stamped out were a constant threat, and the wars in our countries history, including the Civil War took its toll on the families. But the LINTHICUM name has survived down through four centuries helping to form this country. So the next time someone asks you "what kind of name is that"  tell them it's a proud old name! I

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