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Charles Frederick Linthicum 

Chaplain 8th Virginia

Captain (Adjutant)

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Joseph Morgan Linthicum 

7th Virginia

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Thomas Webb Linthicum

3rd Sgt. 46th Virginia Volunteer Infantry

Pigg River Invincibles

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Linthicum's who fought for the South

From 1861 to 1865 this country of ours was engaged in a great War between the States, often called the Civil War. Many Linthicum's chose to defend what ideas they believed in . Like many other families of the times, they provided their fathers and sons to fight with honor for their cause. Maryland did not succeed from the North and join the Confederacy. But, there were a large number of Southern sympathizers who resided there, including many of the Linthicum ancestors. Many Linthicum's by this time had spread throughout the Southern states and seemed to have Southern allegiance. My research today has found the following names listed below as Linthicum's who fought for the South. On a following page marked "the North" you'll find the Linthicum's who fought for the Union. Keep in mind that there may be duplication, since our ancestors might have joined one unit then transferred to another. If anyone is aware of any more photographs of any Linthicums during the war, please contact me.

?    William A. Linthicum                 Conf. Cav., Clarkson’s Bn., Ind. Rangers,   Asst.  Surg.



Charles S. Linthicum                               AL 33rd Inf., Co. C CAPT

W. E. Linthicum                                      AL 23 Inf., Co. I



H. W. Linthicum                                     AR  Mtd. Vo., Baker’s Co.

H. W. Linthicum                                      AR 32nd Inf., Co. G

R. Linthicum                                            AR 7th Cav., Surg.

R. Linthicum                                            Gen. & Staff Asst. Surg.


 J. R. Linthicum                                        GA Inf. 1st Bn., (St.Guards),Co. A

 Maryland (CSA)

Charles. Frederick. Linthicum                 Gen. & Staff, Adj. Gen. Dept. , MAJ (also listed on the rolls of the State of Virginia. Rank of Captain, but promoted just before his death)

Edwin Linthicum                                      MD 1st Cav., Co. A, CPL

John Linthicum                                        MD 1st Cav., Co. K

John W. Linthicum                                  Longstreet’s Corps, Forage Agent, CAPT (Brother of Charles Frederick Linthicum)


 E. Pluribus Lincicum                               MS 11th Inf,, Co. E

Daniel. Anthony Linthicum                        MS 32nd Inf. Surg. (Later to become Chief Surgeon for General Patrick Cleborne, Captured and paroled)

Thomas Linthicum                                  MS 25th Inf., Co. C, CPL


James W. Linaycomb                               Missouri State Guard

James Lincycomb                                     10th Inf., Co. F SGT

James Lincycomb                                     12th Inf, Co. F, 1st SGT

Charles Linscum                                       8th Cav., Co. D

 North Carolina

Samuel O. Linthacum                             NC 44th Inf., Co. E

John Linthicum                                        NC 44th Inf., Co. E

S. W. Linthicum                                      NC  21st Inf., Co. C

Charles H. Linthicum                              NC 21st Inf., Co. C


 L. R. Linccicum                                       TX 21st Cav Co. F

Brazas B. Lincecum                                  TX 36 Cav. Co. K

J. P. Lincecum                                         TX  2nd Reg. State Troops, Co. F SGT

Lascasas   Lincecum                                TX  Cav, Giddings’ Bn., Onin’s Co.

Leander Lincecum                                    TX Cav, Giddings Bn, Onin’s Co.

L. R. Lincecum                                        TX  Cav. Giddings Bn, Onin’s Co.

T. G.  Lincecum                                       TX Cav., 2nd Reg. State Troops, Co. G*

Caleb Linchcomb                                     TX Lt. Arty, Hughes’ Co.

C. Lincicum                                             TX 5th Cav, Co. F

J. C. Lincicum                                          TX 5th Cav, Co. F

Joseph Linscomb                                      TX 13th Cav, Co. I

N. Linscomb                                            TX Cav., Ragdale’s Bn, 2nd Co. F

Napoleon   Linscomb                                TX 13 Cav, Co. I

_ Linscum                                                 TX Mann’s Regt, Co. G

J. Linscum                                                TX 11th (Spaight’s) Bn, Vo. Co. B

Caleb Linscumb                                        TX Cav. Ragsdale’s Bn., Co. F

Harman Linsicum                                      TX 20th Cav., Co. C

H. R. Linsicum                                         TX Cav. (Dismtd.), Chisum’s Regt., Co. K

Tecilsey Gaines Linsicum                          TX 20th Cav., Co. C*

Thomas B. Linthacum                              TX 10th Cav., Co. G

William Linthecum                                  TX 17th Cons. Dismtd. Cav. Co. D, CPL

P. K. Linthcom                                        TX 2nd Inf., Co. I

William T. Linthicomb                              TX 10th Inf., Co. C

Thomas H. Linthicum                              TX 11th Inf., Co. E


 James Lincum                                          VA Cav. 47th Bat, Co. B

A.C. Linthacum                                       VA 14th Cav. Co. K

George Linthacum                                    VA 62nd Mtd. Inf., 1st Co. D

Charles F. Linthecum                               VA 8th Inf. Chaplain also Gen. & Staff, Adj. Gen. Dept., MAJ                        

Daniel A. Linthicom                                 VA 59th Inf.

James Linthicomb                                    VA 136th Mil., Co. G

Daniel A. Linthicum                                 Gen. & Staff Surgeon (This is the same Daniel Anthony Linthicum listed under the state of Mississippi)

E. C. Linthicum                                       VA Inf. Montague’s Bn., Co. B

Edward C. Linthicum                              VA 53rd Inf., Co. I

E. G. Linthicum                                       VA 53rd Inf., Co. I

George Linthicum                                    VA 14th Mil, Co. D

James Linthicum                                      VA 13th Inf, Co. K

John Linthicum                                        VA 2nd Inf., Co. C

John Linthicum                                        VA 14th Mil. Co. D

John R. Linthicum                                   VA 18th Cav., Co. B

John W. Linthicum                                  VA 1st Cav., 2nd Co. K

Jonathan Linthicum                                 VA 46th Mil., Co. A

Jonathan L. Linthicum                                VA 25th Inf., 2nd Co. E

Joseph Linthicum                                      VA 18th Cav. Co. B

Joseph Linthicum                                      VA 14th Mil., Co. F

Marshall T. Linthicum                                VA 57th Inf., Co. E

Morgan Linthicum                                      VA 18th Cav., Co. C

Morgan Linthicum                                      VA 13th Inf., Co. K

Thomas J. Linthicum                                   VA 40th Inf., Co. K

Thomas Webb. Linthicum                           VA 46th Inf., 2nd Co. C SGT

Vincent A. Linthicum                                  VA 53rd Inf., Co. I

William K. Linthicum                                  VA 33rd Inf., Co. A

William R. Linthicum                                   VA 53rd Inf., Co. I

W. R. Linthicum                                          VA  Inf. Montague’s Bn., Co. B

Thomas Linticum                                         VA Murphy’s Co.

William T. Linticum                                     VA 48th Inf., Co. F, SGT

A. C. Lynthicum                                          VA Inf. 26th Bn, Co. A

Thomas Web Linthicum photograph courtesy of Steve Thornton

Thanks to Jack Linthicum of Indialantic, Florida  for compiling the list of Southern Soldiers.