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Linthicum Military Service Wall of Honor

Below is a list of the various LINTHICUM'S who stood up to defend this country of ours against foe. If you have any information on anyone who should be added to the wall of honor, living or deceased, please let your webmaster know.


The American Revolution

Zachariah Linthicum B: 1735, son of Francis Linthicum Sr. : Montgomery County Militia Batallion, No. 28, 2nd Company.

Archibald Linthicum B: Mongomery County Militia, 7th Company 29th Lower Batralian, No. 27.

The War of 1812

William Linthicum B: Oct. 1781, Son of Richard and Mary (Lee) Linthicum : Commissioned Captain, 3rd Co. 2nd Battalion, 49th (Jones) Regiment, Dorchester County, Militia.

Samuel Linthicum B: Sept. 12, 1792, Son of Richard and Mary (Lee) Linthicum: Private, in Capt. Thomas Woolford's Company, 48th (Jones) Regiment, Dorchester County, Militia.


Spanish American War

Dr. George Milton Linthicum B: Aug. 17, 1870, son of Sweetser and Laura (Smith), served with the National Gaurd on the Mexican Border.

World War I

Dr. George Milton Linthicum B: Aug. 17, 1870, son of Sweetser and Laura (Smith) Linthicum: Lt. Colonel Medical Corp, U.S. Army and Commanding Officer base hospital at Savenay, France.


World War II

Roy Allen Linthicum Jr. Son of Robert Allen Linthicum Missouri/Oklahoma, U.S. Army, Killed in action Anzio Beachead, Italy, February 23, 1944.

Korean War




Don William Linthicum B: Nov. 08, 1946, Private First Class, 9th Infantry Division U.S Army. On October 06, 1967 in Dinh Tuong, South Vietnam, Don became a casualty of small arms fire. His tour of duty began on September 09, 1967, and he was killed on October 06, 1967) Don W. Linthicum was from Sarasota, Florida, and is the only listed Linthicum on the wall of the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington, D.C. (Panel 27E-- Line 60)


The Gulf War



The War on Terrorism