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The research into the origin of the LINTHICUM name has not been successfully concluded as of this date. It is believed to be of English or Welch origin probably deriving the name from a geographic or object near where the original individual lived or resided.  It may be derived fro the old Welsh “lliant” meaning “a stream” or the old English “lynt” which means “flax field”. Another possibility for the origin of the name is the old English “hlinc” meaning “a ridge or hill” the ending “cum” which could drive from “coombe” meaning narrow valley. On a recent trip to Bath, Wales I found a street named Lynscomb way.

In 1981 the late Sweetser Linthicum of Maryland, initiated an investigation by the Center for English Geneology into tracing the migration of the first Thomas Linthicum here to the colonies from England in 1648.  The investigative team could not locate LINTHICUM in early English or Welsh records.  Their research indicated that the LINTHICUM surname was probably spelled LINSCOMBE, appearing to undergo phonetic changes after the immigration to America. There are earlier records of the surname LINSCOMBE and its many variant spellings, found in twelve (12) English counties. The first ancestor appearing to land on these shores was a THOMAS LINTHICUM who was transported to the Americas by Captain Edward Selby in 1658. In a will dated 1699, THOMAS LINTHICUM spells his name THOMAS LINCOMBE. THOMAS LINTHICUM appears to be born around 1640, according to a deposition of his made in later life. But the researchers for the Center for English Genealogy could not locate any record of THOMAS LINCOMBE residing in England prior to 1658. Recently in 2001 Jack Linthicum of Indiatlantic, Florida has conducted a vast amount of research into the varriant Linthicum spellings in England.


  Variations of the Linthicum Surname seen over the years


Lincecom, Lincecomb, Linchcombe, Linchicom, Lincicom, Lincicomb, Lincicombe, Lincicome, Lincicumb, Lincocombe, Linkom, Linscomb, Linscombe, Linsicombe, Linsicom, Linsocom, Linthacum, Linthecom, Linthicom, Linthicomb, Linthicome, Linthicum, Lintichom, Llyntecom, Lyncicomb, Lyncicum, Lynsecombe, Lynthecombe, Lynthicom, Lynthicum, Lynthycom

Photograph courtesy of Dolly E. Baker ,Linthicum Family Genealogy part II